I am a Voter.

I am the IA.®

As members of the IATSE, our vote is our voice. We must turn out on Election Day if we want to be counted. Our future depends on it!


Election Day is Tuesday, November 4th.


Makeup Artist IATSE Local 212

I am Makeup.
I am the IA.®

As an IATSE Local 212 member, I appreciate the representation I receive, knowing that my union is listening to my concerns when they arise and looking out for my best interests. I enjoy the benefits of the National Retirement and Health plans as well as the ongoing training opportunities the IA offers its members.

Joanne Jacobsen, Makeup Artist
IATSE Local 212

IATSE, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, wardrobe union

I am Wardrobe.
I am the IA.®

Being a member of Theatrical Wardrobe Union Local 887 allows me to continue to practice my craft while earning real world wages. The support of 887 and IATSE is crucial to job security and good working conditions.


Mary Ellen Walter, Lead Cutter, Seattle Opera
IATSE Local 887

I am Stagecraft.
I am the IA.®

I really love being a member of the IATSE. It's made it possible for me to take good care of my mom and myself.




Fabion Harris, Stagehand
IATSE Local Two
On The Run Tour: Beyonce and Jay Z

IATSE, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, camera guild, camera local, union

I am Camera.
I am the IA.®

As a member of the Local 600, I have found a family of kindred spirits and talented technicians in a strong support network.  Not only am I am enriched by the social events and training opportunities that the guild provides, but I am safe in the knowledge that my crew are being taken care of and are safe while doing their challenging work.

Polly Morgan, Cinematographer
IATSE Local 600


I am Sound.
I am the IA.®

When I step onto a set with my brothers and sisters from the IA, I know I'm in the most capable hands, as well as amongst good company.

Jason Fyrberg, Production Sound Mixer
IATSE Local 481
Photo: Tibor Nemeth 

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For more than 100 years, we've been behind the scenes. Since the early days of the musical, and the dawn of the film age, we have created indelible images; entertaining the world for generations. We are the brothers and sisters of the IATSE.


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  We must stand up to attacks on working people and ramp up our voice in politics. Join us in solidarity.