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We are Design.

We are the IA.

I am proud to work alongside the most skilled artists and craftsmen within the entertainment business and the world. When I completed my education, I wanted to work as a professional artist and IATSE provided me with that opportunity. Knowing that my pension and benefits are covered through my work, provides peace of mind for me and my family. There is strength within our collective unions.


Clint Schultz, Designer
IATSE Local 800

IATSE Local 695 Dan McCoy

We are Mixing.

We are the IA.


Each IA job I mix is a thrill. I'm able to sync skills with a team of technical magicians, creating something magical for an industry that ignites imagination.



Daniel S. McCoy, CAS
Y-1 Mixer
IATSE Local 695

IATSE Local 414 Broadcast

We are


We are the IA.

As a TV freelancer, employer-funded health insurance and retirement benefits are generally nonexistent. Thanks to the new contracts in our region, I now have a comprehensive, employer-funded IATSE health insurance plan as well as retirement benefits. Being a Local 414 member increases my all-around security in a normally insecure field.


Erik West, Audio Mixer
IATSE Local 414

Adrienne Lynn, IATSE Local 706

We are Makeup.

We are the IA.

I've always had a passion for creativity and self-expression through the art of makeup. Being part of Local 706 has immensely expanded my knowledge, helped me to grow as an artist among some of the most talented individuals in the industry, and brought me the gift of an instant family. I feel blessed to be a part of this union.


Adrienne Lynn, Makeup Artist
IATSE Local 706

IATSE entertainment union

We are


We are the IA.


I've worked for Local 121 for over 20 years and find you never know what you're going to be working on. But together as the professionals of the IATSE, we can accomplish anything.




Jim F. Fallon, Stagehand
IATSE Local 121

  • Design
  • Mixer
  • Broadcast
  • Makeup
  • Stagecraft


For more than 120 years, we've been behind the scenes. Since the early days of the musical, and the dawn of the film age, we have created indelible images; entertaining the world for generations. We are the brothers and sisters of the IATSE.


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